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About Lefkada

The city of Lefkada is located at the entrance of the island. The 50m long floating bridge, connects the mainland with the island and makes the access easy.

The long history of Lefkada, from ancient times until today has left its mark on the island.
If you are interested in the history, archeology and architecture of the island, Lefkada offers many places that you can explore.


Museums in the city

  • Angelos Sikelianos Museum
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Public library of Lefkada – post-Byzantine collection
  • Lafcadio Haern historical centre – in the Cultural Centre of Municipality of Lefkada
  • Orfeas museum of folklore
  • Museum of phonograph – radio and folklore tradition

Churches of historical interest

  • Church of Agios Minas
  • Church of the Pantocrator
  • Church of Agios Nikolaos, near the main square
  • Church of Agia Mavra, inside the castle of Agia Mavra
  • Church of Kimisis Yperagias Theotokou, Gyra beach
  • Chapel of Agios Ioannis of Antzousis at Ai Giannis beach

Historical monuments

  • Castle of Agia Mavra
  • Lefkada old town

Cultural events in the city

Every August the Speech & Art Festivals is organized, since 1955 and the International Folklore Festival since 1962.



Ai Giannis, one of the beaches that are close to the city and one of the locals’ favorite. The best time to visit is before 13:00, when the sea is still calm. Suitable for young guests.

Kastro-TAOL, one of the beaches that are close to the city and one of the locals’ favorite. The best time to visit is before 13:00, when the sea is still calm. Suitable for young guests.

Agios Nikitas, small protected beach, where the pedestrian street of the village Agios Nikitas ends. Ideal for a morning swim when the water is like a pool! Suitable for young guests.

Myllos,impressive beach from the less popular of the island with wonderful clear blue water. You can access Mylos, either on foot via the path that begins from Agios Nikitas village (it takes about 20 minutes), or by taxi boat from Agios Nikitas beach.

Pefkoulia, “pefko” means pine tree and the beach took its name as pine trees almost reach the sea in this landscape. The access to the beach is easy and you can find many facilities here (café-bar, sunbeds etc.). When the other beaches of the island are busy, here you can find a more relaxed environment.

Kathisma, one of the most famous beaches of the island for its long length and the turquoise sea color. Kathisma is an organized beach with sunbeds, beach bars and restaurants. It is worth staying and watching a beautiful sunset from the beach.

Kalamitsi – Avali, large sandy beach with turquoise water. Driving there is a bit demanding but the view will reward you.

Egkremnoi, one of the most famous beaches of the island with an impressive landscape! The 2km long beach took its name from the white cliffs. You can access Egkremnoi by car or by boat. If you choose by car, be prepared for the 420 steps that separates the beach from the parking area. Otherwise, you can find plenty of day cruises from Nidri that visit the beach daily. The beach is partially organized.

Porto Katsiki, the most famous beach of the island for its breathtaking topography. The beach with the white pebbles, blue water and white rocks will reward you after descending the 100 steps. Porto Katsiki beach is partially organized and you will find easy parking and several canteens.

Agiofylli, a protected bay in the South of the island, is an ideal choice for the turquoise waters and white pebbles of the beach. Access is from the town of Vasiliki either on footpath or by boat from the port.

Water sports & activities

  • Windsurfing in Ai Giannis for the more experienced and in Vassiliki ideal for beginners

  • Kitesurf in Ai Giannis

  • Water skiing, Banana ride, ringo, jet ski fun water activities in Nidri

  • Scuba Diving in Nikiana and Vasiliki

  • Paragliding – Paragliding, in Kathisma & Pefkoulia beach and Exanthia village

  • Hiking

Mainland-villages-sights of interest

Lefkada has very nice mountain villages and nature that is worth visiting to enjoy the view and the food somewhere cooler especially on hot summer days.

  • Karya village, for food or coffee at the village square with the plane trees. With a walk in the village you will discover the picturesque character and the “Karsan” embroidery, characteristic of the cultural heritage of the place.
  • Egklouvi, another picturesque mountain village that is worth a stop in the village square. A little higher is the plateau of Egklouvi, where the lentil of the same name is cultivated. There is also the church of Agios Donatos where, if you find yourself in Lefkada on August 6th, you will be able to taste lentils at the lentil festival.
  • Alexandros village, for a trip back in time. The until-recently abandoned village has preserved its stone houses from modern interventions.
  • Kavalos village, one of the villages of Sfakiotes municipality that maintains the picturesque character of the mountain settlements. Worth a walk at the windmill for the panoramic view.
  • Agios Nikitas village, is listed “traditional” for its architectural heritage. Walk at the main pedestrian street that ends at the sea, with many options for food and drinks. A touristic place that has not lost its beauty.
  • Sivota, a protected picturesque port with many options for dining on the sea.
  • Vasiliki, a port at the southern tip of the island and a popular destination for wind surfing. In the port you will find many options for food by the sea.
  • Melissa gorge, for a nice walk-in nature by the water
  • Waterfalls in Nidri
  • Walk on Skaroi mountain (altitude 673m), rare flora, stunning views
  • Cape Lefkatas
  • Meganisi

Worth trying

  • Sumada
  • Salami
  • Oil pie
  • Macaroons
  • Oil-based bread rolls
  • Nougat & pastels
  • Winetasting in local wineries