ECO Friendly Policy


At Townhouse Lefkada environmental awareness has been a priority from the design of the building, to its construction and operation.

The plot orientation, choice of materials, construction methods, selection and installation of mechanical equipment, as well as the operation design of each apartment, were carefully considered and implemented towards an environmentally friendly building.

The main features applied are:

Atrium & staircase

From the beginning of the architectural design, natural ventilation and sunlight of the building played an important role. Inside the Townhouse Lefkada there is an atrium that offers rich natural light and fresh air to the staircase, the public corridors, and the building as a whole.

Shading system

The east and west sides of the building are covered with vertical blinds that
shade the large openings of the apartments, reducing the possibility of
overheating, while standing as a distinct feature of the building.

Heat pump and solar panels

The air conditioning of the accommodation is done with a heat pump through
a heat recovery system which ensures greater energy savings. In addition,
the pump is operated by ecological refrigerant and the technology prevents
coolant from being discharged into the atmosphere.
Solar panels are the main hot water supply system, achieving the lowest
possible energy consumption.

Water treatment system

The water in the Townhouse Lefkada is treated with a special system which removes
mineral content from the water supply network. This minimizes the water hardness that can damage devices, prolonging their lifespan. In addition, the water you use does not dry out your hair, skin, or clothes. Caution it is not recommended to drink tap water.


Let’s reduce the plastic we consume!

The tap water of Lefkada is not recommended for drinking. In our bar, however, we have installed an additional water treatment system (reverse osmosis system) that turns water into drinking water, minimizing the need for bottled water.

Appliances and energy saving

All our appliances are high energy class ensuring low energy consumption.

Lighting and energy saving

The interior and exterior lighting of the building is done with LED lamps

We use technology for the benefit of all of us

The code we send you on your mobile phone works as a key for the door of
your apartment.
Sensors have been installed on the doors and windows of the apartments so
that when they are open, the air conditioning system closes automatically.
Motion sensors and timer switches turn the lights on and off in public areas.
“Smart” systems have been installed to manage the electricity in the external
lighting of the building as well as the water in the automatic watering of the

We support local suppliers and craftsmen

From the construction stage to interior design, we made every effort to work with local craftsmen and domestic producers. Most of the building materials, furniture, lighting, bedding, toiletries etc. are from well-known and reputable domestic companies.

We love green!

Although we are in the center of the city of Lefkada, we took care and
created a beautiful garden with Mediterranean plants and trees for natural

We recycle!

At Townhouse we do total recycling, collecting household waste from paper,
glass, and plastic separately in the bins that you will find in each apartment,
but also in all public areas.